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Our Successes

Multinational Imaging Products Manufacturer

Situation:  The company's primary manufacturing plant had numerous production and quality problems that threaten to close the facility. 


Action:  An analysis of plant operations identified 90 items for improvement.


Result:  The plant became the company's top quality producer and remained open after 89 of 90 issues were completed.


Agricultural Equipment Company Enters Asia. 

Situation:  The company had little brand awareness outside of the U.S. 


Action:  Produced magazine in multiple languages, related to local cultures, showing successful use of equipment. 


Result:  successful introduction; brand became #1 brand in sales.


Industrial Products Company


Situation:  The company was comprised of many divisions that only sold their specific products. As a result,  many sales people from company were calling on the same customers presenting a fragmented picture of the company. 


Action:  The company changed its sales force mission from product sales to solution sales. Sales people or teams sold all the company's industrial products, not just the products in one division. 

Result: Reduced sales force, increased sales productivity increa and profits increased by 20%. Customers appreciated the solutions approach and had a better overall image of the company.

Eye Wear Manufacturer

Situation: Company suspected improper actions by Board Chairperson; changes in market buying patterns. 


Actions:  An investigation confirmed business improprieties and the production process was analyzed. The company's bylaws were rewritten and an ethics committee was formed. Recommendations for production and marketing efficiencies were proposed.


Results: Enabled removal of chairperson; process changes reduced cost 30%, countering competition and changed company distribution channels.


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